Outlook Signatures Centralized

Keeping every ones Outlook email signature in line with company policy is a nightmare of a task. You often find users edit it slightly with images, different symbols for their phone number and most of all, the constant change in upcoming events or products.

I needed to find a solution that centralised signature management, without the cost of a third party application or more software for IT to support. After searching the internet, VB seemed like the best option. The full script can be downloaded here. Simply download the file and rename it to .vbs.

The script can be deployed as a login script with group policy and gives Administrators:

- Centralised Control over Events and Formatting
- Automated Job Title, Phone Number and Email Address Control
- Piece of mind that corporate image is being portrayed.


  1. Yes I have seen so many samples of digital signatures which are really creative and with images, symbols. So I am looking for a solution with the help of which I can create a signature. Thanks for posting this script. I will surely try it.
    digital signature Microsoft

  2. Anyone know how to do this without using a third party program? If there no way to do it with a add-on someone can recommend one?

    EDIT: I need to add this in the server so all users have the same signature.


  3. Hi Dave / anyone,
    how to embed an logo of the company in to the signature? as when it sends email, the image is not getting transferred to the recipient.
    awaiting your reply ...

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