OCS Edge Server Wizard Fails

Like many others i have a set procedure for building up new server instances. And one of those procedures is bring the machine fully upto the latest service pack and patch level with all the most recent hotfixes and bug fixes. After running through this procedure recently, then attempting to install the OCS 2007 R2 Edge server services, my install wizard failed, with the following error, and i was left wondering why.

[0xC3EC78D8] Failed to read the Office Communications Server version information. This can happen if the computer clock is not set to correct date and time

I checked both the time and date of the system, and as i suspected, they were both fine, all were in sync with other network members.

I eventually tracked the issue down to one of my previously installed KB fixes, (KB974571)
It appears that this issue is well known about with the OCS community, here a re a few links on it...

Uninstalling the patch, then rerunning the edge server wizard, resolved my issues, and the install proceeded successfully.


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