Changing Twonky Media Content Base Path

So I recently purchased a new NAS drive for my home network. I have a large music library, and even larger library of digital pictures so went whole hog and got the new Western Digital MybookWorld 2, 4Tb version. This comes pre-installed with Twonky Media Server. I created a folder structure to match that of my existing NAS drive and copied the contents over, then set about configuring the Twonky Media Server (I use this to stream my Videos/Music/Pictures to endpoints around my house, Xbox 360, PS3, Iphone). Only to find that the Twonky media server is preconfigured to a base content path 2 folder structures higher than I have placed my media! :|

When I attempted to specify a new content location in Twonky I couldn’t select the new folders I had created (even when attempting to start the path with ../../Datavolume/Media). When examining the log files that Twonky creates I noticed that there was a contentbase defined as..

“INI value:contentbase=/DataVolume/Public/”

Whereas all my media was located in “/DataVolume/Media/”. I did find a few ways of changing this value which consisted of enabling ssh onto the nas, and altering the twonky ini file with vi. While I am extremely competent with Linux and Vi afer working as an Oracle DBA for a number of years I steered clear of this for the following reasons.

A) My Western Digital warranty going bye bye! (I paid £300+ pounds for the nas and don’t want to lose it!)
B) Should the procedure go wrong I wasn’t looking forward to reinstalling Twonky from scratch!

I found the following (not very well documented) procedure to change the URL from a browser window. Just enter the command in your address window and follow any credential prompts if you have authentication enabled.

http://IP:Port/rpc/set_option?contentbase=New Base Path

For Example…


  1. Thanks for the link.

    I used it for speed, but I've be disappointed in WD if they gave you a hard time over using ssh. I'm getting tired of companies that use any reason they can to revoke warranties. I only ask that they cover me if it's hardware - so if I want to change away, not their problem.

    Mind you - I own a set of security screwdrivers for that exact reason. O:)

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