Migrating agents between DPM servers

To migrate your DPM protected servers from one DPM parent server to another, follow the procedure below...

On the client machine (agent) to re-targeted.

1) Open a CMD promt, and CD to "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Data Protection Manager\DPM\bin"

2) Type "SetDpmServer.exe -dpmservername yourdpmservername"

On the new DPM server you wish to use

1) Open a powershell prompt, and run "attach-productionserver.ps1"

2) Answer the prompts!

See the screenies below!


  1. Thanks so much, but why is it so smallll? My nose practically hit the screen when I tried to see the prt sc (: I know, my bad, I should have just opened them, I guess it's late.

  2. Sorry, all you have to do is click and all becomes clear! :)

  3. there are websites which provides updated information and knowledge regarding the procedure. =D
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  5. I found your blog http://davesimm.blogspot.co.za/2009/06/migrating-agents-between-dpm-servers.html migrating agents between DPM servers very helpful.
    however, I'm stuck on answering the prompts - on PSName do I put the agent computername, the old server name or the new server name?
    much obliged, Em