Managing Outlook Anywhere Access On Exchange 2007

The business wanted to enable Outlook Anywhere access onto our Exchange 2007 server, but wanted to be selective about who could use it.

Here's how i acheived it with a bit of powershell...

get-user | set-casmailbox -mapiblockoutlookrpchttp:$true

This filters out "ALL" users, and disables "outlookrpchttp" < (Outlook Anywhere) You can then re-enable RPC over HTTP for selected users using the following command set-casmailbox –identity -mapiblockoutlookrpchttp:$false


  1. Hi,
    It is interesting. I will use it later:) I found this article because I would like to make access to the company mail server (XCH2007 on SBS) from outside (internet). Maybe Outlook Anywhere is the key. What is the first step to do?

  2. Firstly make sure your infrastructure is correctly in place. Firewall ports, SSL certificates and public DNS records to allow discovery of your services.

  3. Dave,

    What about new users?

    Thank you,


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